About us

Create the Flow

Create The Flow is designed by three creative, innovational and inspiring woman, who want to share their knowledge and energy to unblock creativity of yourself and your employees

Marta Kobinska
Marta Kobińska
Visioner, solution designer with a lot of successes in setting up business and innovation, experienced executive coach
Eliza Kruszewska
Eliza Kruszewska
Very experienced trainer, executive coach and psychologist, enthusiastic of the change
Magda Rodak
Magda Rodak
Full of energy, optimist who unblock hidden potential, experienced executive coach and trainer

Together we are fantastic team with unique competences.


Design Thinking

A powerful tool that can drive a company forward positively. DT will allow companies to innovate and explore opportunities based on customer needs.

Innovative thinking workshops

Looking for innovations is a must nowadays. Unique workshops unblocking creativity.

Solution based thinking

Do you concentrate on a problem or a solution? We offer unique workshops for teams to increase their engagement.

Executive Coaching

To be a leader is a challenge and responsibility but also a great satisfaction. Become a leader of the future!

Executive Team Coaching

Increase the success of your organization with Team who works together.

Team coaching

Increase productivity of project teams and give them tools to effective communication and cooperation.

Motivation 3.0

Generation Y and Z is a challenge to each organization. Meet the unique program how to work with young people and build their loyalty.

Multicultural cooperation

We look for missing competences all over the world. We know how to build friendly multicultural organization.


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skype: marta.kobinska